Each year there is over $1 trillion that is pumped around the world by way of foreign investment and this ebbs and flows with varying countries’ economies. For foreign investors, there is much opportunity in other countries and if you are able to invest in property, businesses or even land in a country which is looking upon prosperity, you can make some great gains. If you have been thinking about investing in a foreign country then here are some of the hottest places right now for your investment.


Widely considered to be one of the hottest countries to invest in right now, Malaysia offers a great place for any foreign investor. Malaysia has a work force which is highly skilled and behind it is a government that is extremely pro-business. Malaysia is actually the top country when it comes to the amount of foreign investment which it receives and from tourism to real estate, the country is very much on the up.


Over the last 4 years, the one time communist state of Poland has been attracting more and more foreign investment and now is still a great time to invest in this former Soviet Union nation. The reason why Poland has become such an attractive country for investment is that much of its trade economy is linked with the prosperous Germany and many plants and factories such as Volskwagen are based here. The Polish government is highly focussed on areas like renewables, energy and aerospace and this has created a nation with a prospering economy.


Singapore has for some years now been investing hard into its infrastructure, its businesses and to create a hive of intellectual and forward thinking businesses in an effort to place itself as one of the most promising economies in the world. In line with this, there are many incentives which Singapore offers new businesses, technological innovators and even individuals who are looking to grow their portfolio with an investment in the country. Not only is Singapore a highly prosperous nation, it can also act as a financial gateway to the rest of Asia.


The World Bank has actually ranked Denmark as the 3rd best action in the world when it comes to the ease of doing business and it is considered to be the best in Europe for this as well. Much of the investment into Denmark, or at least its appeal, comes from the fact that the country is committed to becoming 100% renewable by 2050. The promise by the Danish government has lead to an uprising of environmental firms, technology companies and forward thinking investors.

Czech Republic

Since the end of the Cold War, the Czech Republic has gone from strength to strength and it has counted on over $125 million of foreign investment. On top of that stat, the Czech Republic has foreign investment which makes up over 10% of all foreign investment into Europe. For foreign investors, the Czech Republic is a attractive because it is easy to do business here, the nation has favorable trade deals and a government which is constantly pushing for growth and offering incentives to outsiders.

If you are looking to invest abroad, these are the countries in which to do it.