Ever since the late 80s, young men and women have followed a very well trodden route from high school to their career which is university. University is seen as the best way to complete your education, to specialize in a specific branch of study and it was long regarded to be completely necessary to attaining the best job at the end.

With all of this being said however, the world has been changing at high speed and with the emergence of technology and the widespread use of the internet, the way in which people procure jobs now are far different to how they used to be. And so, if you are approaching the end of your schooling, here is why university may not be the best choice for you in 2018.

Making Money Online

University is seen as one of the best ways in which you can put yourself in a position to get that job that you have always wanted. In spite of this however, there are now so many ways in which you can make money online that the university education is unlikely to serve you very well at all. If it is money that you are after rather than simply going after a specific job, you will be far better investing 3 years into understanding ways in which you can make money online.


If you are looking at becoming an entrepreneur then university will not serve you very well at all and you are going to find far more success if you just go ahead and take the plunge with your business idea. Take Mark Zuckerberg for example, he dropped out of Harvard to pursue Facebook and he is now one of the richest and most successful men in the world, at the tender age of 32.


The cost of a university education is rising and this leaves many students with debts of up to $100,000, before they have even entered the world of work. When there is so many alternative options when it comes to gaining experience and an education, this is no longer something that is necessary and you can put yourself in a far better financial position if you shun university.


There is so many educational resources online that you can find, many of which will come straight from university courses themselves. Websites like Khan’s Academy and iTunesU will give you a comprehensive amount of educational material which you can then use to boost your knowledge and your education.

A college degree is no longer held in such high regard as it used to be, if course teachers, doctors, lawyers and the like, still require an education to practice but if you are not looking into these fields, you should be looking at alternative options to university. Many will still opt for a university education because of the social and personal side of the experience but your should ask yourself if that is really worth spending $100,000 on.